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Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done In The Bikini Area?

By: Cory Gaiser, M.D.


As summer quickly approaches, you may be starting to think about getting your bikini body ready for the season. With laser hair removal, you can show off your smooth face and silky legs with confidence. However, these may not be the only areas where you struggle with unwanted hair. For many women, the bikini line is a particularly troublesome spot. The award-winning team at New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH, under the direction of board-certified physician and aesthetic expert Dr. Cory A. Gaiser, offers advanced laser hair removal that can be used virtually head-to-toe, including intimate areas, to give patients long-lasting hair reduction and the smooth, sexy skin they’ve always wanted.

What is the best hair removal option for your bikini line?

There’s no shortage of at-home hair removal methods out there, the most popular of which include:

  • Shaving
  • Waxing
  • Plucking
  • Depilatory creams
  • Threading
  • Sugaring

However, women looking for long-term hair reduction in their bikini area may benefit most from laser hair removal. With results that can last for many years, laser hair removal offers convenience and confidence that are unachievable with other hair removal methods.

Can laser hair removal be used as an alternative to Brazilian waxing?

One of the most popular hair removal options for women is the Brazilian bikini wax. This particular approach involves removing hair from the bikini line and more intimate areas, including the outer labia in some cases. With the highly advanced Harmony XL PRO laser, our expert technicians can perform gentle yet effective laser hair removal in the same areas that are routinely treated with a Brazilian wax.

Does Brazilian laser hair removal hurt?

Most patients tolerate the mild discomfort or stinging sensation associated with laser hair removal relatively well without the need for a topical anesthetic. In fact, many women consider laser hair removal – even in their bikini area – to be less painful than traditional waxing. If desired, however, our caring team can certainly apply a numbing cream prior to your treatment to minimize any discomfort or hesitation you may have.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is considered a semi-permanent solution for hair reduction, meaning the results are long-lasting but not necessarily permanent. While the majority of patients enjoy a dramatic reduction in hair growth after treatment, some follicles may regenerate, and new growth can occur over time. Even in these cases, the growth is typically finer and easier to manage than the patient’s original hair. Additionally, a subsequent round of treatment can be used to destroy new hair follicles and restore the patient’s initial results.

How many laser hair removal sessions do I need for the bikini line?

The number of laser treatments needed for hair removal can vary from person to person depending on the thickness of growth, the body’s response to treatment, and other factors. On average, most women needed about 4 – 6 treatment sessions to effectively reduce or stop hair growth in the bikini line. Because hair follicles go through both active and dormant phases, treatments are spaced out about 4 – 6 weeks apart to ensure each follicle is treated during its active cycle of growth.

Feel confident, sexy, and feminine with bikini line laser hair removal in Cincinnati, OH

Don’t spend another summer trying to cover unwanted hair, razor burn, or skin irritation from waxing and shaving. With advanced laser hair removal in Cincinnati, OH, worrying about bikini line stubble can be a thing of the past. To find out more about this long-lasting treatment, call New Body Aesthetics to schedule your private consultation with board-certified physician Dr. Cory A. Gaiser and our experienced team of laser technicians today!

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