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How Medical Weight Loss Can Help Your Overall Health

By: Cory Gaiser, M.D.


More and more people are becoming overweight or obese, and this can affect your overall health. However, with medical weight loss, you may be able to lose stubborn weight and increase your health at the same time. Board-certified physician of internal medicine and aesthetic specialist Dr. Cory Gaiser can help you decide the best personalized weight loss plan for you. Schedule a consultation today with New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH to learn how medical weight loss can help you.

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss is supervised by a medical professional. This form of weight loss is extremely effective for those who normally struggle to lose weight or maintain weight loss. This program is tailored to match your specific goals and needs. The most common weight loss plans have many parts, including:

  • Health and wellness evaluations

  • Physical exams

  • Diet

  • Exercise plan

  • Prescription weight loss medication (phentermine)

  • Progress monitoring

  • Counseling

  • Support

  • Personalized care

Medical weight loss can help you to achieve your dream weight with the help of a medical professional and a plan unique to you. Most people have better results with medical weight loss than with an at-home diet and exercise. If you want to lose weight and maintain the loss, medical weight loss might be the option for you.

How does medical weight loss affect your overall health?

There are many medical issues that can arise when you are overweight or obese. These may include health issues, such as heart disease, diabetes, digestive issues, sleep apnea, and many others. However, with medical weight loss, you can safely reduce your weight and susceptibility to these diseases. Your overall health can improve as you continue on your medical weight loss journey. There are many diseases that can be helped or even reversed when you safely lose weight with medical weight loss. If you believe that medical weight loss might be the option for you, contact New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH, to learn how Dr. Gaiser can help you.

How does phentermine work to help me lose weight?

Phentermine is the prescription weight loss medication that our office uses to aid in the process. This medication works by stimulating neurotransmitters in your brain to help suppress your hunger. This helps with your diet to make a more dramatic overall result. Medical weight loss can last anywhere from a few weeks to multiple months. This depends on your commitment levels and your starting and goal weight. However, phentermine can only be taken at certain times during the weight loss process. You may take phentermine for three months before you must pause for three months. Then, you may begin to take the medication again.

Where can I get a medical weight loss plan in Cincinnati, OH?

Medical weight loss can help you to improve your overall health. Being overweight may put you at risk for many diseases, from high blood pressure to heart diseases. When you lose weight safely with the help of a medical professional, you can lessen your risk of these diseases. Medical weight loss can help you lose stubborn fat and keep it off. Dr. Cory Gaiser is here to help you decide on a personalized weight loss plan that fits your goals and needs. Contact New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH for a full consultation on the state of your overall health.

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