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When Is the Best Time to Get Laser Acne Treatment?

By: Cory Gaiser, M.D.


A laser acne treatment can help you clear your body of acne and give you the smooth and healthy skin you deserve. Our experts at New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH are proud to offer laser acne treatment solutions for our patients.

Laser acne treatment is best for people who have tried various products to clear their acne, but those products have failed. These include many over-the-counter and prescription products alike. A laser process is a suitable option for acne you can trust.

The treatment also works well for people with mild to moderate acne issues. Let board-certified physician Dr. Cory A. Gaiser know your needs, and we’ll see how we can serve you.

How does laser acne treatment work?

Our team at New Body Aesthetics uses the Harmony XL PRO system for acne control. We will find a suitable Harmony XL PRO device ideal for your skin complexion. There are different tools that are suitable for various skin types, and we support them all.

The non-ablative laser does not produce any burning effects. It includes a contact cooling feature to keep the skin comfortable. A vacuum also works to clear out excess bacteria that cause acne to develop. This removes various pustules, papules, and other points where acne vulgaris can develop. It also triggers a rejuvenating effect where the skin’s natural collagen starts to reproduce and restore itself. The effort allows new skin cells to form in the area where the old acne deposits were, thus creating a more comfortable feeling for your skin.

The number of treatments you’ll require will vary surrounding your condition. You can expect about 4 – 6 treatments in the process, with each one spaced a few weeks apart. Dr. Gaiser or a member of our team at New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH can help you plan the effort.

Is it a safe solution?

You can trust us at New Body Aesthetics if you’re looking for a smart approach to managing your acne. The process works best if you’re trying to clear your acne, but it has been too stubborn.

The procedure will not trigger scarring or other issues with your skin, as it supports the skin’s natural restorative properties. It also doesn’t require any invasive materials that might harm parts of the skin.

Is it ideal for all forms of acne?

The Harmony XL PRO system works well for most cases of acne. It can clear out small and medium-sized infections. Those who have more severe forms of acne or substantial infections from acne might require a more intensive procedure. We can check your current situation and determine if your condition can benefit from the services we provide.

Contact us today about laser acne treatment in Cincinnati, OH

You may benefit from our laser acne treatment solutions at New Body Aesthetics in Cincinnati, OH. Board-certified physician and aesthetic expert Dr. Cory A. Gaiser and the experts here can check your current skin situation and find an appropriate treatment plan that works for you. You can call us or visit us online to schedule an appointment for support today.

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