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Wrinkle Reducer in the Forehead and Glabella*

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Patient came to New Body Aesthetics Medspa in Cincinnati Ohio to learn more about neurotoxins. She mentioned that someone she follows in Instagram receives treatment from us every 3 months and that her face looks great. Dr. Cory Gaiser discussed with her what neurotoxins do to help reduce natural aging as well as how she could benefit from them. Although she wasn't sure what Botox did, she knew that she wanted to try something different than her normal routine. She was happy to hear with Dr. Gaiser had to say about Botox. Dr. Gaiser did wrinkle reduction injections in her forehead and crows feet. The patient sent us these results the following week with a smile emoji to express her excited. She now sees us every 3 months to help stay on top of natural aging.

Forehead Wrinkle Reducer



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